Are you tired of running out of consumable parts for your laser? Look no further! You can now order all the consumable parts you need directly on our website.

We're making it easy and affordable to keep your machine running smoothly. Simply use the contact form below and include your machine's model number and serial number and we'll create your company a personalized store. This will ensure that you receive the correct parts for your specific machine.

Once you are approved to order consumables on our website, we'll ship you a care package with a QR sticker that you can simply scan with your phone to quickly and easily re-order parts in the future. Plus, when you pay with your credit card, you'll be able to stack those rewards points, making it even more rewarding to order from us.

Don't let a lack of consumable parts slow down your productivity. Order now and get back to work in no time. We look forward to serving all your consumable parts needs.

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